Joseph Appleyard's Newspaper Articles

After ten years we have finally got round to publishing these newspaper articles in 2012.
All relevent articles relating to Joe's exhibitions have been used as the basis for Joe's Exhibition

Polo on The Stray August 1937 nws001
Northern Counties Artists Exhibition Newcastle January 1938 nws002
West Riding Artists Exhibition January 1941 nws003
Private’s Painting is of Boxing Match in Bradford Spring Art Exhibition April 1941 nws004   nws005   nws006   nws007
Northern Command Exhibition Leeds Art Gallery May 1941 nws008
From Leeds to H.M.S. Leeds February 1942 nws009
Concert Rush March 1942 nws010
Lions Like Him March 1942 nws011
Yorkshire Circus in Art March 1942 nws012
Bradford 50th Spring Exhibition Leeds Art in Exhibition April 1943 nws013
Leeds Artist’s Project November 1944 nws014
“Dante” in Bradford Arts Club Exhibition November 1945 nws015
West Riding Artists Exhibition December 1945 nws016
Leeds Art Centres Exhibition at City Transport Club January 1946 nws017   nws044
Leeds Artist’s One Man Show, Leeds Fine Arts Centre February 1946 nws018   nws019  nws020 nws021
“Airborne” Derby Winner June 1946 nws022
North Riding Artists July 1946 nws023
York Arts Society 62nd Exhibition July 1946 nws025   nws026
Middleton Chronicle Exhibition August 1946 nws027
Leeds artist to move September 1946 nws028   nws029
Bradford Arts Club 41st Annual Exhibition September 1946 nws030
Untitled Article July 1953 nws031
Untitled Article December 1953 nws032
Broadway Exhibition for Leeds Artist August 1955 nws033   nws034   nws222
Harrogate Royal Baths Fountain Court Exhibition August 1955 nws033
Leeds Fine Arts Club Annual Exhibition (1954) December 1954 nws035
Leeds Artist’s One Man Show, Jubilee Hotel, Leeds August 1953 nws036  nws037 nws106
Unknown Exhibition, Circus Scenes Date unknown nws038
Reminiscences of a Yorkshire Artist December 1955 nws039
York Arts Society 64th Exhibition May 1947 nws040   nws058
One Man Show, Otley Arts Club Exhibition (1947) 1947 nws041   nws064
Bradford Art Show (1946) War Subjects do not inspire 1946 nws042
Unknown Art Exhibition, Untitled Article Date unknown nws046
West Riding Artists 13th Annual Exhibition Date unknown nws047
Unknown Art Exhibition, Water Colours Disappoint Date unknown nws049
Huddersfield Art Society Annual Exhibition Date unknown nws050
Otley Arts Club 1st Annual Exhibition July 1947 nws051   nws060
Art Society Show Date unknown nws052
Otley Arts Club 2nd Annual Exhibition July 1948 nws054   nws158
Skipton's Four-in-one Exhibition at Skipton Art School Date unknown nws055  
Otley Arts Club Lecture July 1948 nws056
Unknown Art Exhibition, Landscapes and Flowers Date unknown nws057
Otley Arts Club Private Show of Whitby Paintings 1948 nws059
Leeds Arts Centre, Portland Crescent June Year unknown nws061
Artists of the Northern Counties Exhibition Date unknown nws062
Bramham Moor Hunt presentation to M.F.H. May 11th 1957 nws063
Huddersfield Art Society Exhibition and Lecture Date unknown nws065
Bradford Art Club Syllabus January 1948 nws066
West Riding Artists 16th Annual Exhibition Date unknown nws067
Commission from Eton Date unknown nws068   nws211
Art Society Annual Exhibition Date unknown nws070
Leeds Artist’s One Man Show Otley November 1947 nws064   nws072   nws075
Men Only Rule Date unknown nws073
Untitled Article Date unknown nws074
Otley Arts Club 6th Annual Exhibition July 1952 nws076
West Riding Artist’s Exhibition Date unknown nws077
Artist caught painting in Whitby 1948 nws078
Otley Arts Club Spring Exhibition Date unknown nws079
Royal Society of British Artists Winter Exhibition Date unknown nws080
York Arts Society Exhibition November 1953 nws081
Huddersfield Art Society Date unknown nws082
Otley Arts Club Autumn Exhibition November 1948 nws083
York Arts Society Exhibition, Variety displayed Date unknown nws084
Yorkshire Post Reader buys Test Painting September 1953 nws085   nws095
Bradford Arts Club Exhibition Date unknown nws087
New Contributors to the Dalesman 1938 nws090
Unknown Exhibition, Untitled Article Date unknown nws091
Otley Arts Club Autumn Exhibition November 1948 nws083
Otley Arts Club Autumn Exhibition Date unknown nws092
The Yorkshire Magnet Date unknown nws093
Artist dies after fall from a bus September 1960 nws096   nws098  nws099  nws101   nws108   nws116    nws130   nws133nws136  nws186   nws189     nws191   nws193
“Reight Neet Aht” Marble Tournament to be painted Date unknown nws097
Appleyard Sketches to be offered to Leeds February 1961 nws102   nws201
Wills of two Artists from West Riding November 1960 nws105
Colourful Note “Holly Leaves” August 1953 nws106
Memorial Exhibition December 1960 nws110   nws112  nws190  nws192   nws195   nws202  nws203  nws214
Artists start an Appeal September 1960 nws111   nws194  nws200
Artist’s work for University Library May 1960 nws113
Joe’s Wedding March 1942 nws114   nws155  nws156  nws157
Leeds Artist may paint St. Leger for Doncaster May 1959 nws117
Racing Through the eyes of the Artists June 1960 nws115
J. B. Priestley buys three paintings Date unknown nws118
Doncaster’s Festival of Britain Exhibition of Racing pictures relating to The St. Leger 1951 nws119
Bradford Arts Club 43rd Exhibition Date unknown nws121
Contemporary British Art 54th Spring Exhibition Date unknown nws122
Bradford Arts Club 48th Exhibition Date unknown nws123
Commissioned by The Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate
1953 nws124  nws125
Problem Bureau - A sporting Artist 1980’s nws126
It happened to me, “Yorkshire’s Munnings” Date unknown nws127
Leeds Fine Arts Club – “Otley Market Place” Date unknown nws128
In and About - At the Art Gallery – The Morning Gallop Date unknown nws129
Doncaster Art Gallery’s Golden Jubilee Exhibition Date unknown nws131
This was a real L-E-G-E-R finish October 1959 nws132
Huddersfield Art Society’s Annual Exhibition Date unknown nws135
National Union of Students’ Arts Festival Date unknown nws137
Students of Leeds College of Art exhibit at Bradford Civic Theatre Date unknown nws138
Miles’s Bookshop holds Art Exhibition Date unknown nws139
York Arts Society 67th Exhibition Date unknown nws141
York Arts Society 70th Exhibition Date unknown nws142
York Arts Society 71st Exhibition Date unknown nws145
York Arts Society ???? Exhibition Date unknown nws146
York Arts Society 74th Exhibition Date unknown nws143
Otley Arts Club has busy summer ahead 1950’s nws147
Otley Arts Club Autumn Exhibition Date unknown nws149
Otley Arts Club Exhibition Date unknown nws152
Otley Arts Club 4th Exhibition opened by W. T. Oliver May 1950 nws150   nws153  nws182
Otley Arts Club Exhibition 1950’s nws154
Unknown Exhibition, Oils Date unknown nws159
Otley Arts Club 1950 Autumn Exhibition 1950 nws160
West Riding Artists’ Exhibition Date unknown nws161
Otley Arts Club Exhibition 1950’s nws162  nws164
3rd Otley Arts Club Exhibition May 1950 nws163  nws179
Otley Arts Club Exhibit at Keighley 1950’s nws165
Otley Arts Club Exhibition Date unknown nws166
Otley Arts Club Exhibition Date unknown nws167
5th Otley Arts Club Exhibition 1952? nws168   nws176
Otley Arts Club “Victoriana” Party Mid 1950's nws169
Otley Arts Club Festival of Britain Exhibition July 1951 nws170   nws171
Joe Crits Otley Photographic Society 1950’s nws172
Otley Arts Club “Landscape in oils” Lecture 1950’s nws173
Otley Arts Club Untitled Article Early 1950’s nws174
Otley Arts Club represented in Yorkshire Artists’ Exhibition Early 1950’s nws178
Otley Arts Club exhibition opened by Lady Mowbray Date unknown nws180
Otley Arts Club exhibition opened by Councillor Stanley Wilkinson Date unknown nws181
54th Huddersfield Art Society exhibition Date unknown nws183
10th Annual Sun Colonnade Exhibition, Harrogate 1961 nws184
One Man Show, Royal White Horse, Otley 1951 nws177
Otley Arts Club Autumn Exhibition opened by Lady Morris 1961 nws185   nws188
In Memory of a Yorkshire Artist Poultry Society to offer Trophy 1960 nws198
Biennial Yorkshire Artists’ Exhibition opened by The Bishop of Wakefield (Dr. R. P. Wilson) Date unknown nws204   nws226
Trying was Right Date unknown nws207
Unknown Exhibition, Untitled Article Date unknown nws208
Doesn’t back ‘em – paints ‘em April 1960 nws209
Gossip of the Day - Runners and Riders – ‘Placing’ – Bit of a change May 1950 nws212
Public House Art Show, The Jubilee, Leeds opened by Mr. E. I. Musgrave, Director of Leeds Art Gallery Date unknown

nws215 nws219

Joe opens Art Exhibition Date unknown nws216
One Man Show, The Jubilee, Leeds opened by Mr. Harry “Thack” Thackray Date unknown nws217   nws220
Three Art Show Paintings defaced at Harrogate Date unknown nws221   nws234
Royal Baths’ Fountain Court Exhibition, Harrogate Date unknown nws222
Mr. David Astor Date unknown nws223
French Week Art Exhibition, Harrogate July 1960 nws224  nws225
Dalesman Editorial Date unknown nws228
Three Leeds Art Clubs Joint Exhibition Date unknown nws231
Long search for Painting September 1997 nws233
Search is on for more Appleyards November 2002 nws253
A Brush with the Past May 2010 nws235


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